Welcome to the homepage for the Blue Chips Contract Dynasty League or BCCDL. We're a contract dynasty league and part of the Fantasy Dreams Showcase. As a contract league we take the roster management a step further than your average fantasy football league. Once we have drafted our players we assign them contracts of various lengths. This ensures a chance for each player to become a free agent at some point in their careers, similar to the NFL. Whereas in a regular dynasty league, a player would have to be dropped or traded in order for another team to acquire him. Another aspect of the contract league is the restricted free agency period. This is the period when a players contract expires and he becomes available to the rest of the league. During this period, all players whose contracts have expired are pooled together and teams begin bidding on the players they would like to acquire. Once a high bid is obtained for a player, the original team has a right to match that offer and keep their player and assign him a new contract or to let him go and replace them however they can.

Bidding is done with a money system we call credits. Each team starts with a set number of credits and uses them to bid on free agents and then to bid in the restricted free agency period as well. Since there is no waiver free agency system in place, each team has the same chance at acquiring any free agent available. It just comes down to who wants to outbid the other and the value they place on each player. With the contract system there is also less movement in free agency as you would see in a normal ff league. Since you have a restriction on the amount of contract years you can have on your team at once, the movement of players on your team is limited. In similarity to the NFL, each team is improved in a few key free agent or restricted free agent moves and through the rookie drafts.

The league is set up in four divisions with three teams in each division. Each team plays everyone within their division twice and all other teams one time throughout the season. The season lasts thirteen weeks and the playoffs run for 3 weeks with a Wildcard round, Divisional Round and the League Championship. Each of the four divisional winners make the playoffs along with two wildcard teams with the best records of the non-divisional champions, one from each conference. The prize for winning the BCCDL Championship is an authentic NFL jersey of the champions MVP.

BCCDL is commissioned by Keith Ruston and co-commissioned by John Mikuluk.

BCCDL was founded by Mike Seres.

Website design is by Keith Ruston.

BCCDL would like to thank The Huddle for use of their server for our league board.